Friday, August 25, 2006

Birth of a Saleswoman-WTM Style

School Fundraiser is going on at my 8 year olds school. As I have mentioned, she is an excellent but sometimes ruthless saleswoman. Her early training has given her an edge. I blame myself for her early training due to the fact that I had to travel one summer all over the U.S. due to a client weekend event promotion. Naturally I took them with me and they became excellent at selling tires to unsuspecting consumers. The CMO of the company wanted to hire them at ages 4 and 8. I blame myself for her early start but she does have the "sales" gene in her due to MY dad. But it's scary----dig if you will, the picture: Miss Minnesota/Margarita on the way to school this AM: Those neighbors just got the house painted AGAIN! Geez, Mom, they have been doing a TON of work to that house. You know, if they can afford all that work, they can sure afford to buy some stuff from ME for my fundraiser! Her comment is scary on a number of levels. Let's examine: 1)Obviously she has heard me talk (or bitch) about how expensive it is to do home improvements. 2)Her "Nosy Bula" nosy neighbor gene has matured and is healthy. I am this way too. Call it curious or call it NOSY---she's got it. 3)Her drive to sell stuff for material reward is quite developed. Again, this streak is from my side of the family. My husband is extremely hardworking but he is not as driven by the almighty dollar. My side of the family goes like this: Dad grew up VERY poor, worked very hard and did well for our family. My siblings and I were the first ones in his family to go to college. My dad was a small business owner and could sell snow to Eskimos. My sales skills pale in comparison BUT I have some of his skills. Miss Minnesota/Margarita could be the best one yet. Scary but once again, it's the mother's fault. God help the neighbors as she desends upon them this weekend!


Blogger Lisa said...

That is too funny! It should make her alot of money someday!

8/25/2006 1:15 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

She's not nosey - she's just identifiying her target audience.

8/25/2006 4:26 PM  

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