Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Miss Minnesota Help and HELL-O-WEEN

First of all, thank you so much my dearest WT Mom bloggers, for all of your awesome feedback regarding my "Miss Minnesota" problems finding a costume for my 7 year old for Halloween. With your suggestions and feedback I was able to pull together a costume that: a)Did not make my 7 year old look like a hooker b)Did not cost over $15.00 (including the Final Net hairspray) If you have no idea what I am "blogging about" please see my blog from 10-16 regarding Miss Minnesota and my discovery of CHILD beauty contests. EEW. Thank you to all of you and THANK GOD that HELL-O-WEEN is over. Do any of you remember Halloween as a kid? My mom would throw a pillow case at me, give me some cheap costume jewelry and declare that I was a "gypsy" for Halloween. I was ALWAYS a gypsy. Then, my friends and I would wander around our neighborhood for hours (usually with no adult supervision) getting candy and sometimes causing trouble in general. Today, Halloween is different. There are decorations, lots of halloween parties AND as if THAT weren't crazy enough....my husband does his annual HAUNTED BASEMENT. This is a huge hit with my kids and their pals. But we're not talking one of those "dip your hands into the noodles that feel like brains and the peeled grapes as eyeballs" type of haunted houses. This haunted house is a highly technical, special effects laden EVENT. Naturally, we add in "treats" in the form of cocktails for the adults and the whole thing turns into a huge party. Very WT, of course. So the day after Halloween the children have their usual post-Halloween sugar detox----and we have hangovers. Happy Halloween.


Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Uhm, HELL-O?! You forgot to post a pic of your darling daughter!!! How funny - we (the monkey, her dad and myself) all dressed as gypsies this year. :) I *love* being a gypsy, especially when Halloween is on a school night!

11/02/2005 12:45 PM  

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