Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Desperate Housewives & Speeding on Your Kid's ADD Meds

Okay---I am the only one on the PLANET who did not follow DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. But then I got the DVD as a birthday gift for one of my best friends----and then, in true WT fashion, since we have not been able to get together since her birthday----I cracked it open and started watching it. Okay----the character LYNETTE, the mom with the horrid children, is my favorite. My favorite episodes are the ones that Lynette takes her kids ADD medication, so that she "SPEEDS" through the day. It is a total true to life situation! But the episode that kind of "hurt" was the one when Lynette kind of crashed after her week of taking ADD meds and she almost went whacko on the kids. She told her pals she felt like a bad mom----how she couldn't handle it all---then they told HER how hard it was for them when their kids were little. Lynette was surprised and asked them "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?" Ouch. She had to take SPEED to keep up with the perfection syndrome. Sick but probably not that far off. That is our mission ladies. Stamping out the idea that you gotta be perfect.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh how I love your blog! My perfect-housekeeper-and-brilliant-cook (but not Muffia) sister-in-law is coming for dinner tonight, bringing main course god bless her, and b/c my daughter has decided to wake up screaming every 2 hrs for the last 3 nights, we are having banana custard for dessert, IF I buy some bananas on the way home. Oh, and milk too. And S-I-L better have her mess blinkers on b/c my house is a tip LOL

Melbourne, Australia

10/11/2005 4:45 PM  
Anonymous Nilla said...

My sister-in-law is a Muffy. I'm sure she didn't watch it :), but- neither did I! It's not my style. I actually sit around watching cartoons with my kids for hours.

10/11/2005 5:49 PM  
Blogger Cricket said...

Hi, I'm new to your site, but not to being a WTM. I've never seen DH. Guess I can't relate to being that desperate or to being a housewife in any sense of the word, even tho I am a SAHM. My fiance's mother is a cleaning fool and judges all else caustically. Thank god she's never been to my place.

Love the candle story. I call that creative mothering.

10/11/2005 7:33 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

I have nevere seen DH, like Cricket I don't think of myself as a housewife nor am I desperate. Shortly after the arrival of my second child I lowered my standards - my house and children did not have to be perfect, meals did not have to be 4 courses and I needed only to smell clean to be presentable :-P (that and some lipstick)
Once i gave myself permission to be this way, life got easier and I realized my hubby did not really care as much as I thought he did. We are calm and easygoing and our 3 kids are the same. Go figure

10/13/2005 1:29 PM  

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