Friday, December 30, 2005

Making Memories for my children's future therapist appointments

Merry Merry WTMs! Happy New Year Too! I just wanted to say hello and starting in 2006 I will be back in the saddle again! Have been very busy with holidays, recovering from breast scare and of course, the usual sick child over the holiday break. Do you think that their little bodies are set to "SICK" starting every major holiday weekend? If someone was not sick over the long holiday, I really would not think it was normal. We are making memories this holiday for my girls. Not really the kind of memories that most moms associate with the holidays but then again this is the WHITE TRASH MOM blog so there you go. To update you all-----you know I have a store ( We sell jeans and tshirts that are fun but not so crazy that you can't wear them to a kid soccer game. We have vintage jeans that we embellish and it's been a good year for the ladies of "the palace". There is a point here, I swear. Keep reading. So I got a call from a kind of famous (but can't name them right now) group in Los Angeles for a huge order of jeans. It is very good for business but has been kind of nutty around here. As my husband loves to say (very Irish Catholic of him I might add) "WATCH WHAT YOU WISH FOR". I really HATE it when he is right (which he is, quite a bit and it is annoying). So I got a huge order with not much time to fill it. Am almost done but some of the jeans are not really "vintage enough"-----which is why the girls and I have been spending the holidays DISTRESSING jeans out the ying yang. We all smell like BLEACH. We have been hanging around various Laundromats (due to the fact that my washer runs 24/7 due to the dirty clothing generated by the time off) bleaching out jeans, sandpapering jeans (to make sure the worn out look is really worn out) and other fun things. I was in a store yesterday (I SWEAR THIS IS TRUE) and the checkout lady said "What is that smell?"----which of course I answered "BLEACH!" So hanging around various Laundromats, sandpapering denim----that is our holiday fun as a family. I have until next week to finish. This holiday will rank up there with the summer that my husband and I dragged the kids around to our mututal automotive client 600 locations (we went to about 50 of them one summer) for fun "TIRE EVENTS". My girls spent every other weekend on the road in automotive retail parking lots, next door a major retailer that ends with a MART while there were balloon animals, NASCAR drivers and lots of funnel cake machines. My girls BOTH actually became quite good at selling stuff and worked with the CMO of marketing of the company to lure in potential tire customers by offering a balloon to them. Really great childhood memory stuff. What a great mother I was (and AM!). Anyway----the funny part is if you the girls that was one of the best summers EVER for them. Shows you just how far gone they are. So great family memory builder. Tire sales, bleach----these are the markers of my girls childhood. I just hope that when the go to therapy, they will remember me as a size 4 and a natural blonde. Talk to you on New Years EVE! LOVE WTM


Blogger Lisa said...

No wonder you are a size 4. You don't have TIME to eat!

And its no surprise you guys have gotten a huge order. I have ordered from you before and it was a great experience. I was surpised at how fast you filled my order. And I LOVE my white trash T-shirt. :-)

12/30/2005 7:45 PM  
Blogger queen of wt said...

oh no lisa i am not a size 4!
I want my kids to remember me to their future therapist as a size 4 and a natural blonde. I am a good 8 (but quite short) and only blonde with a little help from the colorist (every 6 weeks).
Thanks for the good word on the store. Glad to hear some good stuff. We hear good stuff but usually we hear from customers when things go wrong.

12/30/2005 9:17 PM  
Anonymous Nilla said...

You guys do it yourselves? I thought it was done through a third party. How cool is that? I mught get mine now...

12/31/2005 8:28 AM  
Anonymous Sue said...

dragging the girls to the automotive shows brought back memories of being hauled around to dog and horse shows (along with my 3 siblings) to promote my parents horse/pet food and supply business.
The memories are now happy ones and I still have a passion for horses but some days it was hell.
Good times. Glad to hear the jean business is thriving

12/31/2005 2:46 PM  

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