Tuesday, November 29, 2005

WT Mom Holiday Survival Tip #2

Dear WTMs, As discussed, we are going over tips for holiday survival as a WTM. Imagine you are at a school holiday event when suddenly you are surrounded by 2 (or more) members of "the muffia". If there is no graceful way to immediately excuse yourself from the situation, I recommend pulling out HOLIDAY SURVIVAL TIP #2. Holiday Survival Tip #2 If you are backed in a corner with several muffia members, take a deep breath and think of your beautiful children you are doing this for and sweetly ask the muffia members to tell you about their______________. Ask the muffs to tell you about their favorite thing-----it is fairly obvious what that is when you look them-----one "muffy" might be driven totally by status, another might be all about looking perfect and young, yet another "muffy" could be a total workout queen, etc.. Let me give you some conversation icebreakers: "Bitsy, I have always loved how natural your make-up looks. Do you mind if I ask you what brand of skin-care products you use?" "Muffy, I noticed that your Prada bag is an unusual color. Did you get it here in the United States?" "Bambi, your arms are spectacular! How do you stay so in-shape with your busy schedule?" Survival tip number two is really a strategy you can use all year! Because there is nothing that the muffia likes more than talking about themselves (and how much more superior they are). As Bitsy is launching into her twenty minute speech on how she puts on her moisturizer, you can blissfully smile and know that you, a good WTM, are doing your duty as a mom by playing NICE with the other moms.


Blogger Ditsy Chick said...

Is it against the rules to be mentally composing grocery lists while they talk?

11/29/2005 10:02 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Yes, I've done that before. I know a woman that matches all of those categories. I see her a few times a year and she always claims she's naturally thin and muscular and that she doesn't do anything to her skin. Uh-huh! She likes to tell people about how she's tinier than her daughter who's a freshman in high school. Barf! (Course maybe THAT'S how she does it! heehee)

11/29/2005 9:43 PM  
Blogger kari said...

What great advice. I'm trying it out on the next Muff I see. I am fearful that it could be my sister...stay at home, catholic breeder who does it all. And makes it look easy.

11/30/2005 10:14 AM  

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