Thursday, September 28, 2006

White Trash Mom Troop Beverly Hills Camp Out Part Two

Dear WTMs, The following conversation sums up the Girl Scout camping trip experience. Dig if you will, the picture. It's the morning after the campout. Girls are eating breakfast. I am standing there with my daughter and some of her tent mates. Tent Mate 1-Did you HEAR that screeching animal light night? Tent Mate 2-It was so creepy! Tent Mate 1-I think it was a racoon or something...being attacked. WTM's daughter -No guys----THAT was my mom. SFX-All 12 and 13 year old campers start LAUGHING hysterically. Reason for the "screaminglikeananimalinpain sound"? There was a moth in my tent. It was a big moth! My daughter was a pretty good sport about what a weenie I was, since it created such an entertainment factor for her friends.


Blogger BigAssBelle said...

oh my god, i am with ya on the moth thing. i once abandoned my car mid-freeway because one of the godawful dusty creatures fluttered out from under the dash. called the police once to come turn off the porch light because i'd mistakenly left it on before a night at the bars. returning drunk at 3 am to a horde of the satanic fluttering horrors ~ it was more than i could bear. yea! i always knew that i was a white trash belle and now i have something in common with white trash mom!

9/29/2006 4:03 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

I was a girl scout. While I think it was a good experience for me, yadda yadda, etc., I would NEVER volunteer to go on another camping trip. You are a brave woman.

I guess that's the main thing it taught me - I'm never sleeping outside again.

9/29/2006 6:16 PM  
Blogger ^starshine said...

Sounds like you starred in your own version of the movie "Mothra."

9/29/2006 8:45 PM  
Blogger Belle said...

Oh wow, the last time I willingly went camping was in the Sequoias way back in the early fall of '92. I was pregnant, and it was pitch black out there, and I refused to try to find my way to the restrooms at night because you could hear the bears foraging. When I finally had to go so bad I thought I'd bust, I went in dixie cups and stuck them in the corner of our tent and prayed they wouldn't fall over.

10/04/2006 4:35 PM  
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