Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pink Flamingo Crisis

Happy Halloween. Or Happy HELL-O-WEEN as I like to say. Only a few more hours until our kids will be high on so much pure sugar they will take a week to "detox". WTMs, there is a WT crisis going on that you may or may not be aware of. I am talking about...the Pink Flamingo crisis.

On this day of Halloween, we all need to take a moment and reflect on the closing of the company that produced the ORIGINAL plastic pink flamingo. The pink flamingo, a WT cultural icon beloved by shallow and tacky Americans everywhere...is on it's way to extinction. I don't need to tell my WT readers what a serious matter this is.

Here is the story about the pink flamingo crisis, from one of my favorite websites, IMPROBABLE.com.

Read the info at Improbable.com but to sumarize: Union Products Inc., the original manufacturer of the plastic pink flamingo, will close its doors by Nov. 1, according to the company’s president.

It's a dark day in WT America my friends. Pop open a cold one right now in your trailer and remember the good times.


Blogger Mamma said...

My first visit to your blog, and I discover a kindred soul. Shall we start buying up "original" pink flamingos from eBay now?

Thank you for not allowing this sad day to pass without commemoration.

Now pass the Miller Lite.

11/01/2006 7:03 AM  
Blogger Aisby said...

Thank heavens, I was wondering when those things would go away.
A horrible tradition exists down here where you can pay an organization to "flock" someone's yard. Then the person who was "flocked" has to pay the organization to come take the flamingos away. It's a white trash fundraiser. Whatever happened to bake sales??

11/01/2006 8:14 AM  
Anonymous baseballmom said...

OMG...I've been looking to buy one for the past few months! We had 2 of them that we used to take "camping" (partying) when we were teenagers, and I'd like to put one in front of our trailer when we go camping now...kinda makes it more realistic, ya know?

11/01/2006 11:14 PM  
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