Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How to Spot the Muffia during Summer Vacation

Dear WTMs, Since SUMMER is around the corner, I wanted to take a little time off from my usual whining to discuss a very important Summer Survival Skill. How to Spot the Muffia during Summer Vacation
Muffia members do not travel in packs as much in the Summertime. Due to the fact that many "muffys" migrate to cooler or warmer areas of the country, the herd is thinned out a bit, so it can be harder to spot them. But be on guard, WTMs, they are out there in full force and I would like to spend a little time this week preparing you. Today's lesson in Summer Vacation Prep deals with the basic lesson of how to spot the Muffia member, if the evil member is truly alone? Since bullies travel in packs and the status quo of most of these muffia bullies is to stay in large numbers, how can you tell if the mom you are talking to at the baseball game or the pool bbq is MUFFIA? Look for these warning signs: 1. If you see them in the early AM, are they dressed to the nines in full make-up? I not talking just a shower and clean. I am talking full armour, lipstick and curled hair at 8am swim practice or camp. HOWEVER, I know one great WTM friend of mine that has to shower every morning to start her day. She looks great when you see her but it is mostly due to the fact that she is nice and has a warm smile for you. So the full grooming alone is NOT the only sign. Please read on. 2.When you see the "mom" at various events and lessons or summer school, does the "mom"talk a great deal about their really exotic family vacation they are taking? Or how about the "family cabin" at the lake or by the sea? Before you judge too harshly, some of my best friends have lake homes in their families and these gals are as WT as they come. So once again, this sign ALONE is not one to worry about. 3.When your child or children are fighting with each other, being too loud at the movie or making a scene in a public place, how does the "mom" react? Now ladies, THIS is a sign you should pay attention to. If the "mom" looks at you with a superior air or stare----you could be faced with a MUFFIA mother. If the mom laughs and tells you how their kid embarassed the family at church camp----you've probably got yourself a new WT Mom friend. Think about these important facts. More on Wednesday.


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