Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Beginning of the End...

Without so much as a glance over her shoulder, my Darling Daughter shot out the door for her first day of high school yesterday. With as much as I had been looking forward to the first day of school for the kids (read "counting down the hours, willing it to happen, checking my watch every 30 seconds, double checking that my alarm was set correctly..."), I hadn't expected the maternal pangs of anxiety that set in on me. My baby's in high school. Geez, that must make ME, uh...ANCIENT! Right before her ride showed up, I remembered our tradition of the annoying picture on the the first day of school. With this being a particularly momentous year and all, I zoomed back to grab the digital and clicked it on before she knew what hit her. Of course, as soon as she realized what I was doing, the groaning commenced. "Are you serious? I'm not three...or even six...I'm in high school, Mom. Wait, they're here. I HAVE to go!" "Just one picture. Come on. For posterity." This was met with a tremendous affected sigh and overly dramatic eyeroll. You know the kind. She doesn't believe the old line about her eyes sticking that way, so I'm toast on that one. The result was a blurred shot of something plaid turning to run out the door. Very nice. Now, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the solitude of my day. No one to tell to turn down (or off)the television. No one to fix lunch for. - OK, I admit it. I, like the Queen of WT, pretty much leave my girls out in the cold when it comes to playing chef in the summer. We're probably lucky they haven't caught the house on fire! But I digress...No one's internet usage to monitor. Hmmm...yes, the anxiety is But yesterday, I was in nostalgia mode. Back in the day, our eldest was fond of giving us little gems like...
  • "I do not like the pool table - because it does not have ANY pink."
  • "I am always right. But not Hayleigh. She's wrong - a lot."
  • "What if we're all just God's big Polly Pocket toy? And he just likes to move us around a lot?"
  • "How come the President doesn't wear any pink?"
  • "NOOOO! Mommy, let me take the Band-Aid off myself. 'Cuz' I'm really good with Band-Aids - under socks - with blisters - and not much lights on."
  • "Yes, we should so name the new baby broccoli." (her least favorite vegetable...)
  • Giving direction to her younger sister... "NOOOO! Not like that! You're doing it WRONG! Like this. UGHGHGH! Let me do it, then. THIS is how you lick the envelope." - Licks the envelope and seals Grandma's card.
  • And one of my all-time favorites..."I'm not going to get a big elephant for a pet 'cuz' a BIG elephant would shake the house, and you wouldn't be able to color because you couldn't stay in the lines. So, I'm going to get a baby elephant."

Yes, those were the days. When she was little, sometimes we could hardly shut her up. Yesterday, when she (finally!) got home, I said, "Just a second while I finish what I'm doing. Then, I want to hear all about your day," and walked out of the room. She called out after me, "Well, just so you know, there's hardly anything to tell...!"

When I returned, this is what I got. "We didn't really do anything - just getting to know each other exercises and stuff. And I need to go shopping for more stuff. Can we go after dinner?" This, as she coasted out of the room. Yep. It's the beginning of the end. Or is that a 'glass is half empty' mentality? Just a new phase. But before you know it, she'll be off to college, and I'll REALLY be crying in my coffee!


Blogger Melanie said...

My punkin is going to her first day of highschool on Fri. When she goes off to college, I'll join you in the tear-filled coffee department. sigh.

8/23/2006 5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mine starts High School also Fri....I am already crying..Even when she is home its either she has company over or on the phone or computer..Where did our baby girls go :(

8/23/2006 8:01 PM  
Blogger MOMKISS2U said...

My babies started 1st grade and Kindg y-day. It hit me when the bus pulled up to bring them home that theare growing up to be individual little people. Geeze, they didn't even sit together on the bus! I will be 54 when they graduate--now that's ancient!

8/24/2006 4:57 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Just THINKING about sending my 4-year-old off to high school someday makes me all teary eyed and want to keep him home forever. Wah...

8/24/2006 7:43 AM  
Anonymous Emily said...

This totally has nothing to do w/this post, but I found this article on the Orlando Sentinal.

I thought you might get a kick out of it.,0,6038412.story?track=mostemailedlink

8/24/2006 7:48 AM  
Blogger Tasha said...

My son just started Kindergarten last week. Long way to haigh school....if he ever makes it. LOL Read my blog to see why!

8/24/2006 9:04 AM  
Blogger KTP said...

Oh boy. Good luck. I would love to see the blurry picture!

8/24/2006 5:29 PM  
Anonymous time_flies said...

My daughter will be leaving next week for her 3rd year of university but I still make her take a photo of herself on the first day of classes and then send it to me! When people used to tell me to enjoy the time because she would be grown before I knew it, I would just think "you're crazy" but now I know I get it. She is only 2 hours away, and we talk almost every day, but I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss her - I even miss the crappy teenaged her! FYI - the eye-rolling stops around 15 or so and you once again become human in your daughter's eyes. Enjoy these years!

8/24/2006 5:42 PM  
Blogger queen of wt said...

Not to worry TP. Soon she will be in in a VW bus with her true love DENNY while you pay for her to major in Underwater Basket Weaving.
HA HA! At least that has to make you feel a little better she's not in college yet!

8/24/2006 6:39 PM  
Blogger queen of wt said...

Hey Emily---could not get the link that you pasted up BUT did find an excellent link about the REALLY WT wife of the billionaire. LOVED IT. Can you paste the link again? Sorry!

8/24/2006 6:44 PM  
Blogger molly said...

I love my daughter, but I hate her teenage years and I hate high school! She spends all her time on the phone, at the same time that she's talking to people on the phone, she also talking to most of the same ones on the computer. Why? They're all surfing the same websites of their favorite bands, deciding which concert'll be worth seeing. Then she comes to me to beg, with big innocent brown eyes, to pay for the tickets. Such a mix of child and woman-to-be.

8/24/2006 7:22 PM  

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