Monday, April 03, 2006

Contour Twist Pillow - Ooh, Ahhh!

So, I haven't fallen into the next TV infomercial trap - yet! And my hubby is even back from his trip. However, I had to pass along this little nugget to all of my WTM sisters "in the field", as they say. The Contour Twist Pillow is ugly as all getout, but it seems to be a somewhat useful / functional product. (Click on the title link above for info, if desired!) As usual, though, they have to schmaltz it up with a major, dorky, over-the-top ad. At one point, the voluptuous blonde even appears to be petting the pillow into submission. How fast do you think all the guys out there are whipping out cards? I'd better get off of their website before I succumb to temptation!


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