Monday, March 27, 2006

11:52 And Still In My Jammies

Yes, it's true. It's almost noon, and I find myself still in my jammies. I gave up all TV during the day for Lent (one of many things I "gave up", actually...don't get me started on all my self-improvement schemes...), so you'd think I'd be ultra-productive, right? WRONG! Sometimes, at the end of the day, I truly have to ask myself where all the time went. How did I get here? When I worked full-time, I had everything down to a science. I had to. Every last minute of every day was planned out, practically 24/7. I was the epitome of organization - ok, maybe I have rose-colored glasses. But the point is, the busier I am, the more I seem able to get done overall. Like I have to be busy to make myself get off the dime and get things done. Anyone else out there like that? Am I the only one? Hmmm? Some days, I wind up showering just in time to get the kids from school. What's that about? Showering to get the kids? Who am I? Bree on Desperate Housewives? OK, no, obviously, 'cuz' she's like the Army, getting more done by 6 am than the rest of us do all day. . . except lately, when she's passed out on her front lawn 'til the sprinklers come on! Love Desperate Housewives! Anyway, do you ever feel that way? When you're really busy, you have to keep tasking just to keep your head above water. Then, when things finally slow down a little, you just don't have the "oomph" to get ANYTHING done? It think that's where I am right now. Hubby's OOT again. Hope the Infomercial Fairy doesn't strike tonight when I can't sleep. Though I'm lovin' that Magic Bullet, I really don't have ANY more room for ANY more stuff!


Blogger Melanie said...

6 minutes til I have to leave to pick my son up from school. Still in my jammies. We should form a club. LOL

3/27/2006 10:56 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

If your husband is OOT, I hope the hurl fairy doesn't visit again. I would much rather get a visit from the infomercial fairy...

3/27/2006 1:49 PM  
Blogger cmhl said...

girl, yesterday I did nothing all day. literally. nothing, intersperced by naps. I am exhausted from doing nothing-- go figure..

3/27/2006 2:06 PM  
Blogger tacky princess said...

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3/27/2006 2:17 PM  
Blogger tacky princess said...

Robin, regarding hurl fairy, you are thinking of the illustrious Queen of WT, whereas I am Tacky Princess! :)All are in good health (knock on fake wood paneling) at my shack, and the lights have been down for months. However, I did just get the rest of my Christmas decor packed away in the basement of the trailer!

3/27/2006 2:20 PM  
Anonymous Amharach said...

Yeah, you're definitely NOT the only one! When I was working, my house was immaculate and was run with great efficiency. Now, I'm lucky to have dinner made before my husband gets home from work and has to leave for school. I cannot, seriously, account for at least half of my day most days.

3/27/2006 2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

True enough. I quit working after 20 years, and thought I'd clean all those closets and do yoga. Nuh uh. I was in bed with the cat until 10 every day. Showered just before hubby came home in the evening. Did almost nothing for 6 months. Back to work now, and getting more done.

3/27/2006 3:02 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

About 30 minutes before the kids or my husband gets home, I do a run through the house cleaning like crazy. By the time they get home, I'm all sweaty and look like I've been working my ass off all day. They never have to know I stayed in my jammies most of the day.

3/27/2006 3:29 PM  
Anonymous Kate the Shrew said...

Yeah, me too. I find that no matter how much or how little I *have* to do, I always feel like I've put in a full day. I've gone from full time school + work, to full time work + baby, to stay-at-home-mom who stays in flannel pants unless we're leaving the house, and I've always felt run off my feet, even though I know nowadays I have no schedule to maintain beyond getting dinner on the table by 6. I'm in for the jammie club.

3/27/2006 4:51 PM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

I worked from home almost all of last year after having our second baby and I loved the dress code -- flannel jammie pants and t-shirts! I used to pray my neighbors wouldn't see me go out to get the mail.

3/27/2006 6:30 PM  
Anonymous Sharpie said...

I have SO been there (well almost every day) - but mine is usually showering right before my husband walks in the door!!!!

3/27/2006 7:05 PM  
Blogger R. Robyn said...

well if weren't for work I don't know that I'd ever wake up. And the weekends have become so much more productive because I just don't have any time during the week. I do still have some laundry begging to be cleansed, but i've got enough clothes to go a couple months. so too bad laundry basket!

3/28/2006 5:06 AM  
Blogger tacky princess said...

We call that pile of clothes Mount Washmore at our house. Thanks for reminder to do laundry! :)

3/28/2006 8:20 AM  
Blogger ^starshine said...

Hey! That's my blog!! :) hee-hee!!!

And for the record I was only in my jammies till 2 then I got cleaned up and dressed and put my bathrobe back on!! I figure there really is no reason to get out, I can keep sending hubby to the store on his way home from work.

Perhaps jammies are the offical uniform of WTM?

3/28/2006 8:45 AM  
Blogger Wineaux1 said...

I took 3 months off work once with a big plan for getting all kinds of projects done. I bought paint, cleaning/organizing supplies, etc. I was exhausted! That was 18 months ago. The paint is still stacked in the spare room and things are more disorganized than ever. I went back to work. I don't know where the time went.

3/28/2006 10:02 AM  
Blogger Kris said...

Oh yeah, I'm like that. The busier I am, the more efficient I am. But if I have time to do "what I want," I just kind of hang around. When my husband's home on the weekend, do I spring into action while I can? Right. I sit on my office chair until I grow roots... I really wish I'd stop that.

3/29/2006 5:26 AM  

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