Tuesday, October 11, 2005

OMG! How Could I Do That?

So, year after year, October is the month from HELL at our house! I love my daughters, don't get me wrong. But having their birthdays one week apart during the busy back-to-school season is a huge ordeal every year. They both have a slew of activities on an ongoing basis (ok, my bad, I know…) - - - and then, the dreaded birthdays! And, worse, the dreaded birthday parties! So, this year, my eleven year old thought she was making it easy on me. She chose a murder mystery party. All of the materials were available online. You just paid and downloaded. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. Then, you need props, decorations, costumes, meals for the little monsters, and the list goes on. So, the day before the party, I went to a carnival supply store for party provisions. Thinking I had all the time in the world, I strolled along, contemplating each possible purchase. A hundred seventeen dollars to the perky lady in the red apron, and I headed to Costco for the food. Two hundred dollars and 892 calories later, and I was out the door. Damn, those samples are lethal. I pulled into the school parking lot ten minutes late, knowing that my darling little cherubs would recognize that I'd been slaving away for "the good of the party". But I arrived to the surly and insistent stare of my almost-14-year-old. "So, what happened? Did they cancel?" she asked crossly. "What do you mean?" I replied. Her head spun around a couple of times. "My ortho appointment? 10 am?" she demanded. I nearly ran over the plaid girls crossing the parking lot. Panicked, I pulled over to an illegal spot and started hyperventilating. No time like the present to revisit all those samples I'd had. Seeing my daughter's face, I knew that she'd already processed that I had totally spaced the appointment for her to get her braces off. There was no denying it. I was so screwed. I had forgotten! OMG! How could I do that? If you have a child with braces, you might have an idea what a momentous day this was to have been for her. But no, I BLEW IT OFF! I had no excuse - except, of course, that I had spent the whole day planning her sister's birthday party. Not to mention, scarfing down copious samples of pasta pockets, cheesecake, quesadillas, tortilla soup, pizza, Five Alive and Scope. No Brownie points there, believe me. And her 14th birthday was two days later. So, not only did she not get her braces off that day, she didn't have them off for her own birthday, either. I'm going to hell. WT Hell. With bells on. Cocktail hour starts early at our house in October. Who needs a clock, really? Make mine a double - and hold the ice. And the mixer. Just give me the damn bottle.


Anonymous Nilla said...

I HATE parties. I go to McDonalds. Yay.

10/11/2005 9:09 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Ooohhhh, man....how awful! I once forgot to take my kid to his friend's birthday party! And it's the friend who is still, these five years later, his very best friend. I felt terrible! But, in the spirit of your previous post, we can't be perfect. Sometimes we forget stuff. It's okay. It'll give your 14 year old something to laugh about when she grows up. Or something to go into therapy for.....

10/11/2005 11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10/12/2005 7:36 AM  
Blogger krysten said...

OMG! I had braces for three years in middle school, and i probably would have tried taking them off myself at that point!

i am also planning a party for my october-born child...but he's only two, so he gets what i decide he gets for a party. this years theme: balloons, haha! talk about easy decorating!!

i do feel your pain with the murder mystery though, a group of church friends want to do one this month...and i think it's up to me to plan it....so good luck to us both!

10/12/2005 9:06 AM  
Blogger Christina_the_wench said...

We must have been sisters in a past life.

10/12/2005 10:37 AM  
Blogger kari said...

Kid's B-Day parties seem to be getting more and more involved as time goes on. I'm amazed at the hoops my sister jumps through to plan parties that live up to the guests expectations. Whatever happened to Grandpa and Grandma and cake and ice cream? What a lot of work. It's no wonder you forgot the braces appt.

10/12/2005 1:44 PM  
Blogger Cinnamon said...

Red Bull and berry-lavored vodka, Mommy, Red Bull and vodka.

At least you're fianlly past the 6 foot rat that is the Chuckmeister.


10/12/2005 2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My october baby gets treats at school and a trip to Dizzyland. I gave up on the parties at about age 3. she's a doll, but will I got to hell for asking - how young is "too young" to get her eyebrows plucked? Seems like WT moms would know. . .


10/12/2005 4:48 PM  
Anonymous Nilla said...

Gee monkeygurrl....

Does she look like a gorrilla? a Russian mob-chick with the unibrow?

I personally started plucking at twelve.

10/12/2005 8:39 PM  
Blogger tacky princess said...

Hey, Monkeygurrl - I actually ran into this just last year with my then ten year old. She's young for her class, and other girls were already plucking and even waxing. Turns out she was being teased, so she SHAVED her brow instead of asking me for help. So, if your daughter wants to do it, I'd advise you to do anything that makes her feel comfortable. That's the advice a friend ultimately gave me, and I wish I'd listened sooner. Razor stubble on the brow is not so very attractive... not to mention physically uncomfortable!

10/12/2005 8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the birthday dilemma from hell....one born on C-mas day and the other on Dec. 29th. Like their isn't enough going on during that time of year. We threw a BIG party for both in August every year. It was either that or go insane. I am still here, perhaps not SO sane but here.

10/13/2005 8:25 AM  
Anonymous Sue said...

my sister-in-law forgot to bring a child home from a birhtday party. There were 2 minivans loaded with kids. Each driver thought the other had the kid (who we all called 'evil Eric' - he was a piece of work)anyways he was left behind at the go-kart track. His mom was pretty calm about it, my sis in law was not. She felt terrible. They are still friends and we all laugh about it now, even the 'boys' who are all 19 and 20 now.

10/13/2005 1:51 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I remember how important it was getting the braces off. I think I started my count down 3 months before they were off.

She is going to hold that over you're head even when she's 30. If she needs a babysitter someday, and you don't know if you can do it... SHe's going to pull that little nugget out of her pocket.

Because that's what we women do. heehee.

Hope all is ok though now.

10/26/2005 9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i discovered the best party ever when my daughter was in first grade and you had to either mail invitations to individuals or invite the whole class and being postally challenged like i am, i had the jump castle people come to our house. they set it up, they had someone there to make sure it stayed inflated and kids entered it safely. all i had to do was get cake and ice cream. she invited the whole class. i did it 3 years running...

11/02/2005 5:27 AM  

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